Are you utilizing the full potential of your big data resources? DataMeister enables you by providing scalable analytics solutions customized to your needs.

How DataMeister brings value to your business

Highly skilled experts

Our team of experts in mathematics and statistics, system and database engineering, strategy consulting and cloud computing unleashes the power of your data. We use best talent globally with strong academic backgrounds at top universities, a unique combination of top-level skills, and decades of experience.

Real-time analytics

Real-time quantitative insights and forecast of market demand, patterns of price formation, behavioral predictions, are among the areas of application of DataMeister's solutions.

Automated algorithms

Our core capability is the development and automation of analytics solutions and algorithms which use high-level statistics, forecasting models, self-learning systems, time series analysis, mathematical optimization, and pattern recognition, all highly customized to our clients needs.

Business intelligence

We provide you with the custom business intelligence solutions that give actionable insights at the right time. Our data strategy consultants ensure each project delivers the results you need and consult further based on our analytics.

Web content mining

In addition, we can employ our proprietary real-time web content mining systems to collect structured information which complements and enriches your in-house data and gives you access to seemingly inaccessible knowledge about your markets and competitors.

Scalable solutions

By implementing automated algorithms right into your infrastructure, whether it's traditional databases or cloud computing, they become highly scalable to work for you in the background and enable you to effortlessly focus on results.

What is Data Science?

Data Science combines mathematics and statistics, computer science, and business expertise to extract knowledge and actionable insights from large amounts of data (aka big data). DataMeister possesses this unique combination of capabilities.

Progressive companies realize that by utilizing the full analytical potential of their data and third party data mined resources they

Improve strategic business decisions
React in real time to own and market data allowing first mover advantage
Discover valuable insights from extracted knowledge
Understand their customers' behavior of the past, present, future deeply
Automate processes and save resources
Generate new revenue sources and opportunities
Develop new and better products
And thus maximize shareholder and stakeholder value.

Through data we enrich our clients' businesses

We have a success record of developing solutions for clients in Japan and globally from a variety of industries such as finance, insurance, automotive, retail, internet, and gaming among others.

Our clients are leaders in their industry and have recognized the power of using large-scale data analytics to achieving their business objectives.

Our solutions increase gross income and minimizes costs for our clients and give them a lethal competitive advantage in their industry.

Here are some of the solutions we have delivered in the past :

Demand forecasting and price-simulation

Self-learning system extracts a variety of influencing factors including own and competitor pricing from historic point of sale data. Forecasts highly accurate future daily sales at individual points of sale over a period of up to 12 months. System calculates cross price elasticities and offers simulation of sales figures dependent on pricing decisions.

Automated bid optimization of online ads

Developed a machine-learning algorithm which predicts the potential of each individual ad and applies mathematical optimization from modern portfolio theory to calculate the profit maximizing bid for each individual ad. Bidding platform picks up these optimal bids and places them in real-time. Advertisers achieve higher click and conversion rates for their advertising spending.

Chat control and message generation for chatbot

Analyzed chat-log operator and customer messages to develop a controller for a reservation system chatbot and to generate operator messages. Text mining on the message logs lead to improved results and an effective system for chat control and message generation was realized.

Deep insights into automobile features

Collected data on hundred thousands of used cars from all manufacturers, models, regions. Developed data and text mining algorithms to get insights into distribution of an extensive range of details about the automobile market and price influences.

Customer lifetime value estimation

Used sophisticated statistical algorithms to estimate the total spending of each individual of millions of customers throughout their lifetime. System constantly uses new incoming behavioral data about each customer and keeps predictions up-to-date and accurate. Results are used for efficient targeting, marketing and cross-selling, and directing business decisions towards profitability.

Prediction of nation-wide hotel reservation numbers

Proprietary algorithm uses past data as well as incoming reservations to make short- and long-term forecasts. Self-learning system runs in the background permanently and estimates most recent trends, seasonalities, and various other effects. Automatically produces an always up-to-date forecast with higher accuracy than any manual forecasting method would be able to.

Real-time competitor data analysis and reporting

DataMeister's automated proprietary systems are monitoring an enormous amount of market data via web content and data mining algorithms. Our clients gain valuable insights into market movements, competitor performance, and pricing strategies. We monitor specific competitors or the whole market. Can be integrated into in-house systems so as to enable instant reactions such pricing updates.